Saturday, June 30, 2018

The Best Rap Album of June 2018 - Daytona by Pusha T

Ok, I am going to grow  set of balls and not take the easy way out by calling ties for this month.

I am going to give my opinion of the hands down best rap album of June 2018. But first, let me sip this Long Island Ice Tea.

Let's get Drake's album out of the way first. It's aiight. I liked 6 out of the 20 somthing songs and might only listen to three of those six again.

I am not his target demogra[hic and he certainly wasn't trying to give me naything. so if you are a Drake fan he probably won't disappoint but this ain't nowhere near a classic album let alone the best joint of the month. Not by a long shot.

The Carters, Beyonce and Jay Z for the uninitiated, dropped what can't be classified as anythong other than a rap album because Bey is spitting more than Jay on this album.

A lot of people are thrown off by it all but I fucking love it. they took a chance and it worked for me I think it must be listened to your summer playlist.

Nas dropped his Nasir album, produced by Kanye West and no one can ever say that Nas has an album with bad beats anymore.

Nas stayed tried and true to his style and stayed tight in the pocket but it wasn't anything groundbreaking. But don't get it twisted I really liked the album.

Now comes the hard part.

For me, it came down to some hard hip hop by two of my favorite rappers Black Thought and Pusha T.

I loved the fact that there wasn't no young boy shit between the two of these cats.

When I saw the title of Black Thought's album, Streams of Thought Vol.1, I thought it was the perfect title coming off of his Hot97 freestyle that destoyed 2017 and has over 5 million views on YouTube as of this post.

You knew immediately that Thought's friend and producer was not fucking around from the first track. My favorite song is Dostoyevsky but he only gave us five joints so I can't give it the best albumt title.

Pusha's album was famous for the very cutting Drake dis record but this ws not a one trick album. The entire album stands out and he set shit off for the entire summer. This joint is a classic right now, out the box. I loved it and Kanye put his crazy foot in the production.

The best rap album of June 2018 is Daytona by Pusha T.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

The Best Rap Album of March 2018 - No News Is Good News by Phonte'

After a successful run with Little Brother Phonte' went off into his Funk/R&B bag with the Group Foreign Exchange and his album which I love, Tigallerro with Eric Roberson.

This month Phonte' returns to his hip hop roots and drops what I feel is this month's best rap album.

Still never to far from breaking into song his word play stays clever and intelligent and on point. The music will always be soulful just because that's who this cat is.

The Best Rap Album of March 2018 is No News Is Good News by Phonte'.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Best Rap Album of February 2018 - In Celebration of Us by Skyzoo

Some heavy hitters dropped albums this month.

Tyga, EarthGang, Curren$y, Skyzoo, Daz Dillinger, Stalley, Roc Marciano, Showbiz, O.C., Nipsey Hustle even U-God. This was a tough month and I listened to everything. This year is going to be the beginning of the new golden age of hip hop, I can feel it.

For me it came down to Skyzoo's album In Celebration of Us and Black Milk's album FEVER.

It came down to the number of joints on each album I like and the winner by only one more song I was into In Celebration of Us.

I know all you Nipsey Hustle fans are going to lose your minds but hey, that's between you and your fitted.

The Best Rap Album of February 2018 is In Celebration of Us by Skyzoo.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Best Rap Album of January 2018 - The Golden Buddha by Planet Asia

I fell off for more than a year. I am not asking for your forgiveness this is just an explanation.

Let's go.

The best Rap Album of the Month for January 2018 is The Golden Buddha by Planet Asia.