Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Best Rap Album of May 2016 - Views by Drake

Drake's album Views didn't hit TIDAL until May so I am reviewing it for May and it is by far the best album released this month.

Homeboy Sandman drop his latest album, Kindness For Weakness and there are five solid joints but I found the rest of it disappointing.

Future Heroes batted .500 on their six song EP  Word Art so it might be worth giving it a listen if you care.

Mistah F.A.B. put out his album Son of a Pimp, Pt.2 and it has seven really good songs. Unfortunately its seven out of a total of 21 songs. This album is another case of the artist running things and not having an A&R or executive producer make him get rid of filler songs.

Roc Nation released Belly's third album Another Day in Paradise. It's a solid well produced album but there is nothing special here to me. Be sure to give it a listen before buying it is all I'm saying.

Killah Priest and Bryan Ford got together to release this month their unusual work For The Future Of Hip-Hop

I would have liked to have listened to Masta Ace's new album The Falling Season but since its not on TIDAL I can't and I refuse to give apple a dime of my money.

If the rumors are true and Jay sells TIDAL to apple I'm done with it and will go back to Rhapsody but let's see what happens.

This rest of the albums released this month I didn't care for at all and you know how I get down, I don't dog and drag artists for sport. If I don't fuck with your shit and I think it's trash I just don't mention it.

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