Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Best Rap Album of June 2016 - Handshakes with Snakes by Apathy

A lot of albums where dropped in June, there are lots of other websites that you can hit to get an entire listing I don't do that here.

The purpose of this website is to provide you with the dopest albums released each month and them my pick of the best of those select few.

Four outstanding albums where released in June of 2016 let's get in it.

Coming in fourth, believe it or not was dropped by an old head icon of the game. The Juice Crew veteran Craig G released his surprisingly good album I Rap And Go Home.

Craig G doesn't bring the spectacular he just fires the good NYC urban boom bap hip hop that the culture was and still is based upon.

Fortunately for us none of it is corny. You won't be skipping any tracks or raising your car windows as to not be embarrassed while listening. The shit is good from flows, to lyrics to beats. You may not buy it but you definitely will want to check it out on your streaming service for that familiar lyrical hip hop.

Landing in at third was Reef the Lost Cauze and Bear-One with their album Furious Styles.

No youngins to the game Reef is a veteran out of Philadelphia and has been a member of the groups Army of the Pharoahs and The JuJu Mob. His link with producer Bear-One hit the sweet spot of real hip hop.

These cats don't do that fuck boy shit this is grown man music from dudes who have immersed themselves in this hip hop culture. I am sure they'd like commercial success but the purpose of this album was to stand on the shoulders of the greats who came before them and put for their best effort in respect of the genre and they succeeded. You have got to buy this joint.

 You have to saying to yourself would could possibly have topped those albums, just hold on I got you.

Hitting my list in second place is the album Collect Call by Demrick. Umm what's that? You never heard of him and I couldn't possibly be right? Well jokes on you fool.

I am almost at a loss for words I mean this one came clear out of the blue.

Originally from Philly, now living in Cali and known for doing songs with Xzibit, Snoop Dogg and being a disciple of B-Real from Cypress Hill I have to admit I was expecting something that I wouldn't like. But let me tell you, this cat almost took the top of my head off.

You can tell immediately that this dude is someone who takes hip hop seriously with his raw East Coast street lyrics and flow combined with that west coast emphasis on the musicality makes for one of the most serious hip hop albums in years.. You have to add this one to the playlist immediately.

The best rap album of June 2016 is Handshakes with Snakes by Apathy.

Another former member of Army of the Pharaohs the Connecticut based Apathy has taken his many years of experience in the game and love for hip hop and turned in one the the best albums of the past ten years.

That turn that hip hop took after 9/11 derailed the movement of the culture Apathy not only stopped the speeding train of mumbling, nursery rhyme auto-tuned fuck boy shit, he picked the entire train up and put the culture back on track with Handshakes with Snakes.

Don't believe me? Get a glass or blunt of your favorite whatever, play this album  and tell me everything isn't suddenly right with the world again. Yeah, it's that fuckin' good.

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