Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Best Rap Album of March 2016 - He Has Risen by Smoke Dza

N.O.R.E. fans will be happy to hear his new Drunk Uncle album. The old N.O.R.E. formula is still there but there is too much contemporary trap sounding shit for my taste but hey some of you people like that stuff so knock yourselves out.
I don't normally review mix-tapes but special shout out to Cardi B for her joint Gangsta Bitch Music. She has taken the baton of this generation's combination of Charo and Lil Kim and did a damn good job. Do it girl.

Oddisee dropped a dope new album titled Alwasta. You know Oddisee is going to hit you with dope hip hop beats and that easy rhyme flow and it was the runner up to this month's pick for best album. If you are a fan of rap music you have to check for Oddisee fo sho.

Smoke Dza is that hard Harlem cat who is not going to allow the current landscape of rap music to influence his art. He stays true to his voice and his pen and I can't stress enough how refreshing that is. Intelligent street rhymes, rugged voice and that East Coast Boom Bap, god damn I love it.

One more hot joint and Oddisee would have had him but as of this writing the best rap album of March 2016 is He Has Risen by Smoke Dza. Get it and don't get ahead of yourself.

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