Friday, July 31, 2015

The Best Rap Album of July 2015 - Hogg Life, Vol. 2: Still Surviving by Slim Thug

I am not going to bore you with all the shit that dropped in July. Most of it fucking sucked and if you don't know my policy I don't even speak on shit I would never listen to so let's get into the albums most worthwhile and the best album of the month.

Many people mistakenly believe that the artist Your Old Droog is the alter ego of Nas. Well, he's not.

Nas doesn't need an alter ego at this stage of his career and he has nothing to hide or prove to anyone.

Your Old Droog is a Ukrainian cat out of Brooklyn New York and one of the dopest young rappers in the game. So when he dropped his EP The Nicest it wasn't a surprise to hear the buzz or the Nas comparisons the kid is nice. I could easily have given this album of the month but it was too short however you definitely need to get it. He's the great New York hope for real.

Adrian Young Presents: Twelve Reasons to Die II is the latest release from Ghostface Killah.

Ghost has been in the news lately for getting after Action Bronson for dissing him on some ESPN show when Bronson said that Ghost doesn't rap as good as the shit on his latest album which set Ghost off and rightfully so. AYP is a dope as Ghost has ever been and several joints are destined to be classics. Unfortunately there aren't enough of those so the album falls short of album of the month but Ghostface fans will not be disappointed. Peep that.

Thank God for Detroit rap artists. If not for cats like Quelle Chris, Black Milk and Nextale Nailze I would have given up on rap music completely since most of these New York cats have abandoned their roots seeking the approval of southern strippers for validation of their music.

But anyway Quelle Chris dropped this month his album titled Innocent Country and it came really really close to being my album of the month. Quelle brings that fire soul and R&B music to his clever lyrics and takes the ball deep. It's damn near an in the park home run but this next dude took it out the park. You'll be as shocked as i was when you find out who it is.

Every one knows that I have a sever East Coast bias. It's not that I can't appreciate artists from anywhere who are dope but my definition of dope is not the same as everyone else and I'm cool with that.

I have never cared for southern rap music but there have been a few exceptions. For some reason I love that Houston Texas sound. I can't explain it but if southern rap ain't from Houston I have no use for it so i suppose it should be no surprise that my choice for rap album of July 2015 is Hogg Life, Vol. 2: Still Surviving by Slim Thug.

I can't believe it either but Slim brought it hard on this joint and I can't even front if I wanted to, Hogg Life, Vol.2 is dope. There is nothing else really to say except, the best rap album of July 2015 is Hogg Life, Vol. 2: Still Surviving by Slim Thug.

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