Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Best Rap Album of June 2015 - Every Hero Needs A Villain by CZARFACE

June was a great month for rap music.

Don't get me wrong there were some misses from some very famous rappers but we don't mention the people who suck here except for Kid Cudi.

There were some good albums but not quiet the best that their fans may like.

Solid efforts: Locksmith Lofty Goals, Killah Priest Planet of God, and King Los God, Money, War.

Dope albums: Meek Mill Dreams Worth More Than Money, Large Professor Re:Living, Troy Ave Major Without A Deal, CZARFACE Every Hero Needs A Villain and Skyzoo Music For My Friends.

This was hard, let me tell you. I dig all these cats and everyone brought something unique. None of these albums sound the same and I think that's dope. I see rap music slowly beginning to differentiate itself into regions again which I prefer. I don't like muhfuckas sounding exactly the same no matter where they come from?

I like artists to tell their stories in their own voices, not what "HOT". I want to hear how cats sound all over the world please stop channeling Drake and Lil Wayne for fuck sakes.

Although I really like a gang of songs on Meek Mills, Troy Ave and Large Professors albums it all comes down to CZARFACE aka (Inspectah Deck and 7L & Esoteric) and Skyzoo.

I think Every Hero Needs A Villain is the best "Wu-Tang"/"Demigodz" album out in a decade with Deck and Esoteric as the stars of the show. Meth, GZA, Large Professor and Ghostface make appearances and it's fucking amazing. You must but this album to tell the companies what grown folks are willing to support and listen to.

Music For My Friends is some dynamite shit from my favorite rapper today Skyzoo. Sky brought in some cats on features such as Jadakiss, Black Thought, Kay Cola and Christion Gray to counter his flow and it works perfectly. This is next level soulful east coast hip hop music and very well produced.

I'll be listening to Music For My Friends a lot because it has already been added to my Skyzoo playlist which is quite extensive. But to be perfectly honest, I have to say that Every Hero Needs A Villain eeks out the win for the best album because it is so refreshing, so fire spittin', so unique and just so fucking dope.

This time next week I might go back to Skyzoo's joint but right now, The Best Rap Album of June 2015 - Every Hero Needs A Villain by CZARFACE.

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