Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Best Rap Album of January 2015 - Square One by Kenn Starr

I know everyone is going to disagree with this month's selection but if you have been following me for a while you know I really don't give a damn.

Joey.Bada$$'s album B4.Da.$$ and is a close second for the top pick this month. Even Sadat X's album finished a strong third with his joint Never Left.

However, the clear winner for this month's best released rap album is Kenn Starr with his work titled Square One. His production and word play is second to none and I found myself listening it more than Joey's. So there you have it.

The best rap album of January 2015 is Square One by Kenn Starr.

One more thing. I was feeling kind of sick the past few months and didn't put up any reviews until now but I want to thank all those concerned followers of this blog for their well wishes. That total came to zero. Not a single one of you fucks sent a note or put in a comment looking out for a nigga so double fuck everybody.

Just more motivation to not give a fuck what anyone's opinion is other than my own and remind myself that I do this blog for me.

If you get anything from it great and if you don't that's fine to but I am hip hop sick or well, rich or poor, dead or alive. Eat a dick.

Most of you fucks listen to that dirty fuck boy rap talking about truffle butter and shit anyway so you shouldn't even be on my fucking page.

Make yourself useful and click some of the goddamn ads and links before you go.

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