Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Best Rap Album of December 2015 - Black Market by Rick Ross

This month was actually pretty close. It came down to Black Market by Rick Ross, Canal Street by Curren$y and White Christmas by Troy Ave.

Bottom line for choosing is which one I know that I'll listen to most and that has to be Rick Ross but you can't go wrong with either album.

Monday, November 30, 2015

The Best Rap Album of November 2015 - Strays With Rabies by EARTHGANG

Bless Redman for releasing Mudface. Lots of solid joints that the streets and old heads needed. No fuck boy shit here, go and support that brother and buy it.

Big up to Jadakiss for dropping Top 5 Dead or Alive. Jada still got it and just the presence of this album in stores stirred much needed dialog in hip hop circles. Another album to cop.

As for the best album of the month, well, just the name of the crew, EARTHGANG was enough to put me off for the entire month but unlike most of you Kendrick Lamarr slurpers I don't just latch on to one artist and not give someone unknown a chance.

I was greatly rewarded for my ability to show grace and give some cats a chance because not only is Strays With Rabies the best album of November but right now I'd have to give it the album of the year. Yes its that fucking good.

I don't know much about these cats other than they are from Atlanta and they go by the names Doctor Dot and Johnny Venus. Now if were really as north east biased as you fools claim those names alone would have turned me completely off but what kind of name is Basquiat?!? I would have just thought he was some crazy Haitian if I didn't know the artist. You will be saying the same thing about EARTHGANG.

There it is. The Best Rap Album of November 2015 is Strays With Rabies by EARTHGANG.

Friday, October 30, 2015

The Best Rap Album of October 2015 - Documentary 2 by The Game

I know I'm late so I'll get right to it.

The best rap album of October 2015 was Documentary 2 by The Game.

Game comes back to his boom bap east coast rap spiritual roots and sprinkles just enough west coast flavor to make us remember why we noticed this dude in the first place when he was down the 50 Cent.

A lot of albums were released that weren't nearly as good as the artists thought they were so the won't be mentioned. Just grabbed Documentary 2 and you'll be aiight.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Best Rap Album of September 2015 - Deeply Rooted by Scarface

I had to take a break from listening to the same repetitive bull shit over and over.

Deeply Rooted by Scarface narrowly beat out Mac Miller's album GO:OD AM. for the best rap album of September 2015.

Friday, July 31, 2015

The Best Rap Album of July 2015 - Hogg Life, Vol. 2: Still Surviving by Slim Thug

I am not going to bore you with all the shit that dropped in July. Most of it fucking sucked and if you don't know my policy I don't even speak on shit I would never listen to so let's get into the albums most worthwhile and the best album of the month.

Many people mistakenly believe that the artist Your Old Droog is the alter ego of Nas. Well, he's not.

Nas doesn't need an alter ego at this stage of his career and he has nothing to hide or prove to anyone.

Your Old Droog is a Ukrainian cat out of Brooklyn New York and one of the dopest young rappers in the game. So when he dropped his EP The Nicest it wasn't a surprise to hear the buzz or the Nas comparisons the kid is nice. I could easily have given this album of the month but it was too short however you definitely need to get it. He's the great New York hope for real.

Adrian Young Presents: Twelve Reasons to Die II is the latest release from Ghostface Killah.

Ghost has been in the news lately for getting after Action Bronson for dissing him on some ESPN show when Bronson said that Ghost doesn't rap as good as the shit on his latest album which set Ghost off and rightfully so. AYP is a dope as Ghost has ever been and several joints are destined to be classics. Unfortunately there aren't enough of those so the album falls short of album of the month but Ghostface fans will not be disappointed. Peep that.

Thank God for Detroit rap artists. If not for cats like Quelle Chris, Black Milk and Nextale Nailze I would have given up on rap music completely since most of these New York cats have abandoned their roots seeking the approval of southern strippers for validation of their music.

But anyway Quelle Chris dropped this month his album titled Innocent Country and it came really really close to being my album of the month. Quelle brings that fire soul and R&B music to his clever lyrics and takes the ball deep. It's damn near an in the park home run but this next dude took it out the park. You'll be as shocked as i was when you find out who it is.

Every one knows that I have a sever East Coast bias. It's not that I can't appreciate artists from anywhere who are dope but my definition of dope is not the same as everyone else and I'm cool with that.

I have never cared for southern rap music but there have been a few exceptions. For some reason I love that Houston Texas sound. I can't explain it but if southern rap ain't from Houston I have no use for it so i suppose it should be no surprise that my choice for rap album of July 2015 is Hogg Life, Vol. 2: Still Surviving by Slim Thug.

I can't believe it either but Slim brought it hard on this joint and I can't even front if I wanted to, Hogg Life, Vol.2 is dope. There is nothing else really to say except, the best rap album of July 2015 is Hogg Life, Vol. 2: Still Surviving by Slim Thug.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Best Rap Album of June 2015 - Every Hero Needs A Villain by CZARFACE

June was a great month for rap music.

Don't get me wrong there were some misses from some very famous rappers but we don't mention the people who suck here except for Kid Cudi.

There were some good albums but not quiet the best that their fans may like.

Solid efforts: Locksmith Lofty Goals, Killah Priest Planet of God, and King Los God, Money, War.

Dope albums: Meek Mill Dreams Worth More Than Money, Large Professor Re:Living, Troy Ave Major Without A Deal, CZARFACE Every Hero Needs A Villain and Skyzoo Music For My Friends.

This was hard, let me tell you. I dig all these cats and everyone brought something unique. None of these albums sound the same and I think that's dope. I see rap music slowly beginning to differentiate itself into regions again which I prefer. I don't like muhfuckas sounding exactly the same no matter where they come from?

I like artists to tell their stories in their own voices, not what "HOT". I want to hear how cats sound all over the world please stop channeling Drake and Lil Wayne for fuck sakes.

Although I really like a gang of songs on Meek Mills, Troy Ave and Large Professors albums it all comes down to CZARFACE aka (Inspectah Deck and 7L & Esoteric) and Skyzoo.

I think Every Hero Needs A Villain is the best "Wu-Tang"/"Demigodz" album out in a decade with Deck and Esoteric as the stars of the show. Meth, GZA, Large Professor and Ghostface make appearances and it's fucking amazing. You must but this album to tell the companies what grown folks are willing to support and listen to.

Music For My Friends is some dynamite shit from my favorite rapper today Skyzoo. Sky brought in some cats on features such as Jadakiss, Black Thought, Kay Cola and Christion Gray to counter his flow and it works perfectly. This is next level soulful east coast hip hop music and very well produced.

I'll be listening to Music For My Friends a lot because it has already been added to my Skyzoo playlist which is quite extensive. But to be perfectly honest, I have to say that Every Hero Needs A Villain eeks out the win for the best album because it is so refreshing, so fire spittin', so unique and just so fucking dope.

This time next week I might go back to Skyzoo's joint but right now, The Best Rap Album of June 2015 - Every Hero Needs A Villain by CZARFACE.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Best Rap Album of May 2015 - The Good Fight by Oddisee

Peace, sorry I haven't been keeping up with the blog. Busy working on self but let's get into it shall we.

I am not going to give a review for April because I don't want to. Too far in the past and there was nothing that set my soul on fire anyway.

May is fresh in my mind so here we go.

Canibus is still trying to revive his career with another release this month. you don't need to know the title, it's better this way, trust me.

I was pleasantly surprised by Snoop Dogg's album BUSH but its not a hip hop album, it's R&B. Dope mind you but couldn't be considered for best rap album of the month.

MURS has three songs on his new album Have a Nice Life that I like but ehh.

Tech N9ne fans will enjoy his new album Special Effects. Not my bowl of ganja but not everything is for everybody.

One of my favorite groups of all time, Camp Lo, drop a dope new album titled Ragtime Hightimes. Sonny Cheeba and Geechi Suede are at their playeristic and lyrical finest spittin' pure fire with this joint. As much as I loved it there was an album slightly better in my humble opinion.

The best album of may 2015 comes out of Washington D.C. not the west coast or down south. Seven solid tracks out of 12 will keep your head nodding and for some of you Oddisee will be a new artist although he's been in the game form decades. The Good Fight is not ground breaking but that doesn't mean that Oddisee plays it safe. He is innovative with his use of jazz, soul and African music and definitely the best album released this month. And there it is.

The best rap album of May 2015 is The Good Fight by Oddisee.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Best Rap Album of March 2015 - Words Paint Pictures by Rapper Big Pooh

For those of you who are new to my blog let me tell you briefly how this works.

I listen to every single album and EP released each month. Then I mention the strongest albums and make my selection for what I believe to be the best album released that month.

I define a strong album as having at least 6 strong songs that I can put on a playlist that I can rock for a while. A weak joint is anything less than that and I don't even mention them.

Some of you artists and rabid fans will probably say he couldn't possibly have heard this or that joint. Umm yeah, I have.

One more thing, I don't give a fuck about what's hot, poppin' or mainstream.

I try not to shit one anyone's work because it was probably the best effort they could give and I don't like squashing someone's effort. Except for Kid Kudi who just fucking sucks all the be damned but that's personal. Even though I don't know the dude I just don't fuckin like that cat.

But anyway, let's get to it shall we?!?

I heard the Kendrick Lamar album Pimp to A Butterfly, ehh ok.

The strongest albums in March came from an assortment of dudes that I wasn't really expecting much from.

DJ EFN dropped a compilation album with an assortment of solid MC's titled Another Time. Seven very solid songs on the joint and deserves a listen. 

Cannibal Ox released their album titled Blade of Ronin on which they were even able to make U-God sound good on a track. I couldn't fucking believe it. Definitely an album to buy especially if you are on that Annunaki shit which I am not but I still appreciate the dope lyrics and strong production.

Mello Music Group brought their entire crew of label mates together on their album Persona. Nothing earth shattering or groundbreaking for hip hop but definitely a bunch of solid joints that will be banging in my Jag this summer.

Action Bronson was able to squeeze out of his fat sweaty ass a decent album called Mr. Wonderful which I enjoyed because he was clearly having fun and took chances. There are rumors that this might be Bronson's last album. That rumor came from the same people who said he was going on a diet last year so we shall see.

Coming out of the Mello Music Group is the artist who dropped the best rap album this month and that dude is Rapper Big Pooh.

With lyrics that are not only dope but intelligent and socially relevant Pooh had me listening to each joint about half a dozen times to pick up all those jewels being dropped. However Pooh is clever to not preach but to speak like the old heads used to do back in the day in Harlem on a corner standing on a box spitting fire that you can't disagree with about the plight of the black man in America in 2015.

The super tight beats and production by Apollo Brown keeps this from being just another in a line of copy cat trap house sounding albums that quite frankly I am bored to death of. Big up to Apollo for keeping my head knocking with the boom bap soul that I love so much.

And that's it the best rap album of March 2015 is Words Paint Pictures by Rapper Big Pooh.

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Best Rap Album of February 2015 - Sour Soul by Ghostface Killah

Yes Fashawn dropped a serious joint with his album Ecology and Malik B. stepped out of the Roots to put out a collaboration album with Mr. Green from Vice titled Unpredictable. Both albums very strong but they did not get the nod for best album this month.

I love the new Ghostface Killah album titled Sour Soul. The 70's R&B/soul vibe is dope. I could definitely imagine myself at the Monaco Lounge on Utica Avenue in Brooklyn around 1973 in a full length fur coat chopping it up with the players and macks and this album playing in the background as I peep out the window to check on my purple Coupe Deville. Loved it.

And there it is, the best rap album of February 2015 is Sour Soul by Ghostface Killah. Hate me or love me I do call it like I see it.

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Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Best Rap Album of January 2015 - Square One by Kenn Starr

I know everyone is going to disagree with this month's selection but if you have been following me for a while you know I really don't give a damn.

Joey.Bada$$'s album B4.Da.$$ and is a close second for the top pick this month. Even Sadat X's album finished a strong third with his joint Never Left.

However, the clear winner for this month's best released rap album is Kenn Starr with his work titled Square One. His production and word play is second to none and I found myself listening it more than Joey's. So there you have it.

The best rap album of January 2015 is Square One by Kenn Starr.

One more thing. I was feeling kind of sick the past few months and didn't put up any reviews until now but I want to thank all those concerned followers of this blog for their well wishes. That total came to zero. Not a single one of you fucks sent a note or put in a comment looking out for a nigga so double fuck everybody.

Just more motivation to not give a fuck what anyone's opinion is other than my own and remind myself that I do this blog for me.

If you get anything from it great and if you don't that's fine to but I am hip hop sick or well, rich or poor, dead or alive. Eat a dick.

Most of you fucks listen to that dirty fuck boy rap talking about truffle butter and shit anyway so you shouldn't even be on my fucking page.

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