Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Best Rap Album of November 2014 - To:You by Von Pea

Despite what a lot of people think I really dig Rick Ross and I enjoyed his new release Hood Billionaire. It's not going to convert anyone who has a problem with Rick being a story teller and not "real" but his core fans will dig the shit out of it.

I was very surprised at the albums of Axel F and J-Live. J-Live never had that gangster persona and I suppose it has kept a lot of people away from his music but the brother has dope, intellectual flow and his homage to early hip hop on every album keeps the roots of this genre clearly in the mind of each listener. J-Live's album Around the Sun is for a lack of better words, hot.

 Axel F is another cat with a strong flow and roots deep in soul music. This is the kind of hip hop I am really digging these days. That pop hop shit out now does nothing for me and I guess it isn't suppose to. I grew up listening to Kane, ATCQ, EPMD and Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth and therefore have a very low tolerance for bullshit passing for hip hop. If you ear is close to mine you'll dig Theme Music by Axel F.

Your Old Droog released his self titled album this month and he has a nice flow. Imagine Ghostface Killah being from Russia and you pretty much have Droog. That is not a diss. He has a great voice for hip hop and flow he just needs a super producer to rein him in a tad and tighten up his future albums. I'd like to see 9th Wonder get a hold of this young boy. Just thinking about the album that could come out of that hook up sends chills up my spine.

The best for last. I don't give a fuck what none of y'all say or think about this choice. If you haven't heard this album I don't want to hear shit from you. If you don't hear this album after this review you will do a disservice to your future generations because this joint will rearrange the DNA in your scrotum.

The best rap album of November 2014 is To:You by Von Pea.

Von Pea got you for the head nod, Von Pea got you for the whip, Von Pea got you for the house party, Von Pea got you for the bowl or vape. Nigga, Von Pea just got yo ass with To:You but you are not going to believe me. Go listen to it for yourself and get back to me if I'm lying.

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