Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Best Rap Album of July 2014 - Eyes Watching God by Reks

With the release of albums this month by some of the hip hop greats such as Common, Cam'ron and Onyx. I was really hoping for amazing shit. Especially since it took many of them so long to put out that work.

Well I was almost bored to tears except for a couple of standouts in July.

Common released his album Rewind That which I actually did have to rewind several times because I fell asleep through it a couple of times.

Cam'ron has a couple of songs on his EP album First of the Month: Vol. 1 but in all honesty I have never been much of a Cam'ron fan so I may not be the most objective giving his joint a critique. Check it for yourself.

Those rowdy cats from Queens better known as Onyx dropped an album giving it the old hood try again. There is lots of screaming and yelling on #Turndafucup but I guess my problem is still reminiscing on that dirty grimy sound from 20 years ago. I guess its not fair but fuck it, that's what I want from Onyx and I just don't get it here.

Cormega released his album Mega Philosophy that was decent once he got out of the way of his guests AZ, Redman, Raekwon and Black Rob. I have always felt the Cormega's delivery should be smoother and more, I don't know professional sounding. He still has that talent show in the rec room flow that we are all waiting to evolve because the voice and content are there but I guess that final polish we are all looking for never will arrive. Do check it out though, it is still real hip hop.

There were a couple of stand out albums this month worth your money.

Planet Asia dropped a very solid album this month. One of the few west coast cats that I fuck with I know for certain that many songs from the album Via Satellite will be in my best of 2014 playlist. You need to get that, this is one of the most lyrical dudes in hip hop right now and the flow is crazy. If you have never heard of him think of him as a west coast Sean P. He's on that level.

My regular readers know that I have no use for that sing songy nursery rhyme bullshit rap music that is popular right now. This next cat is another lyrical beast on the mic.

I could have easily selected Via Satellite album of the had it not been for this next cat's album.

Reks and Skyzoo have to be the most consistent hip hop MCs of the past five years. Everything they drop is nothing but pure fire and Reks' new album is no exception.

Reks wastes no time overwhelming you from the first song to last in an effort to prove that he is the lyrical genius of this era.

The best rap album of July 2014 is Eyes Watching God by Reks.

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