Monday, June 30, 2014

The Best Rap Album of June 2014 - The Gateway to Greatness by P.SO the Earth Tone King

 I am officially declaring 2014 as the year that the boom bap returned.

J Rawls released a nice album in June called The Legacy featuring Masta Ace and Oddisee among others. Decent effort.

Apathy dropped Connecticut Casual which is a very a dope album with lots of provocative lyrics that you guys might like.

Even 50 Cent dropped an album in June titled Animal Ambition. There are three joints on it I like but you 50 fans will probably find more to enjoy.

Even you cats that like that Diggable Planet/Arrested Development sound will get something to enjoy from a group named The Red, Gold and Green Machine.

Their album Planet Africa is nice and uplifting with that black bohemian vibe that I know you have missed for a long time.

The stand out album of the month comes a cat out of Buffalo New York named P.SO the Earth Tone King.

After spending years perfecting his style in clubs in Brooklyn and Queens P.SO decided to take us back to the golden era of Hip Hop with his album.

The Gateway to Greatness infuses 90's classic boom bap with jazz and a couple dashed of soul to grace us with one of the best albums of 2014.

Don't get me wrong though, this isn't just head nod music, P.SO's flow is crazy and you can tell that he stands on the shoulders of the great story teller rappers but without biting anyone's style. His voice and flow are his own and he spits with the best of them.

You need to get this album today for your summer 2014 soundtrack. And there you have it.

The Best Rap Album of June 2014 - The Gateway to Greatness by P.SO the Earth Tone King

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