Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Best Rap Album of May 2014 - Good To Be Home by Blu

There were three outstanding rap albums this month, the others aren't even worth mentioning. Let's get right to it.

Out of Los Angeles my favorite west coast MC named Blu released his album titled Good To Be Home and let me tell you its a BEAST.

Blu is clearly at one with himself and comfortable in his own skin because the combination of flow and lyrical content in addition to his laid back soul makes for a masterpiece. This album will no doubt be his addition to the classic shelf for years to come. If you like rap music you can't miss picking up this album.

Straight out of Brooklyn comes the dynamic duo of Skyzoo and Torae with their album Barrel Brothers.

Regular readers of this blog know that I am a Skyzoo fiend. This cat is the rapper that I listen to the most so when he teamed up with Torae for this album I had high expectations and they didn't let me down.

As an album Barrel Brothers is about the best thing that you are going to hear in 2014, I can promise you that as you read this.

This is more than East Coast underground boom bap the existence of this joint is a clear signal to me that the golden years of hip hop are about to return.

If anyone tells you that there isn't any new good rap music just hand them this album and back away.

The third standout album of the month comes from a dude that I had never heard of before name Speak so I had to look him up.

I don't know what's in the water in L.A. but those other rappers out there need to dip from Speak's well because this fool brings it all the way on his album Gnarly Davidson vs. The Marlboro Man.

At first look you'd think Speak was a vagrant on skid row but I found out fast that this bum can spit though.

I think growing up being influenced by The Roots and Cam coupled with his Mexican and middle eastern heritage lend something very special to hip hop right now and the album is amazing.

This was really tough and a very good argument can be made for either of these albums being selected as the best rap album of May 2014 but I am here to make the tough choices right.

Fuck it, The Best Rap Album of May 2014 is Good To Be Home by Blu.

My choice will probably change tomorrow so I am just going to go ahead and bang all three for the rest of the year and so should you.

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