Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Best Rap Album of October 2013 - No Poison No Paradise by Black Milk

The blog is a little late OK don't spaz out. It's called life people, you have one and I have one.

No BS let's get right to it.

October was an EXCELLENT month for rap music.

Off the rip there are five albums that you must own and I will list them below.

1. My Name Is My Name by Pusha T
2. G.O.Y.A. by Termanology
3. No Poison No Paradise by Black Milk
4. One for the Road by Devin the Dude

5. Sunset Blvd. by Yancey Boys

For the artists not listed, you have work to do. Having two likable joints will not get you on my list nor will I slurp artists just on name.

There were several groups that I really enjoy who sounded as if the mailed in the performances on the joints they released in October.

Trust my ear and save your bread.

Choosing the album of the month was really difficult. Three of the albums listed could have easily won so I had to boil my decision down to which album I'd listen to the most.

Black Milk is my dude and I did pick his album but to be perfectly honest with you on a good day I would have no problem saying that Pusha T's album was that shit.

Pusha T is not simply a good rapper he is a true student of the game who has no qualms bigging up the artists who came before him not necessarily by name but by channeling a taste of their flow which I really dig.

No Poison No Paradise though is an album that I see myself listening too everyday for the rest of the year and beyond.

Black Milk's long awaited album was well worth the time it took for him to put this masterpiece together. The original music, samples and crisp production takes the game to another level. There are no electronic gimmicks to get in the way of that boom bap, soul and hip hop we heads love to the core.

Black Milk never lets you down on a single joint and that is why the best rap album of October 2013 is No Poison No Paradise by Black Milk.

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