Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Best Rap Album of July 2013 - Revolution Cocktail by Reks

I normally don't really care for today's crop of southern rappers because they quite frankly are lyrically lazy and too repetitive to me. Feel free to like what you like but I need an MC to spit fire.

Bucking the trend of southern rappers though is that dude Ace Hood and on his new album Trials & Tribulations that boy is bringing the heat.

Ace Hood is not simply talking all that luxury rap like he is getting paid to rap a Nordstrom's catalog. No this dude is speaking about life, death, poverty and success as they all are currently waging battle in his life and the lives of his loved ones. This being his fourth and best album it possesses the kind of lyrics and music a fan of his is looking for and they won't be disappointed.

I particularly love his song with Anthony Hamilton. It might to adult for many of you but you have to remember that I am a grown ass man listening to this hip hop and I appreciate a great song with the reigning king of soul music, Anthony Hamilton and some dope lyrics.

This is one album you definitely would be making a mistake if you don't at least click on the link below and listen to some samples.
Trials & Tribulations (Deluxe Version) - Ace Hood

I have to laugh at all the talk I have heard about Jay Z's new album Magna Carta... Holy Grail. These fools are upset because, get this "This album ain't for the streets". Really? You think Jay Z was counting on the streets to down load one million copies on their new Galaxy phones? No? Then who the fuck do you idiots think he made the god damn album for?

I refuse to suffer stupidity anymore, just not tolerating dumb shit. If you can't live without crime tales for little more than an hour you really need to think about killing yourself.

Not only did I enjoy Magna Carta... Holy Grail I was this close to naming it the best album of the month.

I appreciate Jay Z calling out established agents and business people that his new ventures are going after instead of listening to what he'll do to someone who robs his crack spot. Is shouting about choosing Tom Ford over a molly really a bad thing? Remember who this album is really for people. Wisdom is a helluva drug.

As for the streets, most of you fools were too busy being pissed of that this album wasn't made to big up your fantasy lifestyle that you completely missed Jay waving the science of the universal flag in damn near every song. Maybe you would have learned more about the belief system that shaped him most but instead it all went completely over your heads. Sucks to be you because Magna Carta... Holy Grail is a dope album. Oh well.

Click the link below and listen for yourself.
Magna Carta... Holy Grail - JAY Z

Listen with this album, I was blown away. I mean this album had me at a loss for words for quite sometime. You will have to dismiss tracks 2 through 5, but this is a 22 track album and they will not be missed from your playlist.

I don't even know where to begin but, I don't know I just have to say that his album is a fucking classic out the gate.

Nothing that I say will convince you that this is probably the best album, not just rap, I mean the best album of all genres released this year. You only have to click on the link below and listen for yourself. If you love music you must buy this joint.

Hey, the best rap album of July 2013 is Revolution Cocktail by Reks. There is nothing else to say you just have to get it.
Revolution Cocktail - Reks

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