Friday, May 31, 2013

The Best Rap Album of May 2013 - The Joys of Life & Pain by Thaione Davis

First the Fatboys break up then James Dolan signs one of the Fatboys from the Denver Nuggets to a max contract and everybody got a problem with me.

I don't understand it, why is everyone so upset with the truth?

I don't set out to disrespect people or crap on anyone's dreams but if you suck you suck. I'm going to say it one more time. If you don't see any mention of your album or your favorite artist's album it's because I know you fools can't handle the truth.

If I spoke the truth you idiots wouldn't go back to the lab and step your games up. You'd want to get at me which wouldn't be good for either of us, trust me on that. I told a dude just the other day that if something isn't for you to simply move on and go in peace and he copped an attitude to that? I can't win but if you ask my opinion I am going to speak the truth.

I am not with that "Everybody is a winner, Everybody gets a trophy" bullshit. It is because we have created a generation of soft fools who can't handle the truth and some defeat in life every industrialized country on the planet is taking our lunch money from us and giving us wedgies.

I am not about to cater to weak children. Since I know you can't handle the criticism I rarely speak on the horrid albums I have to listen to each month and May was no exception.

Some of you niccas need to get a job and stop pretending with this hip hop for you. Your children need to see you accept the fact that there is something that you aren't good at and can move on to your true talent, whatever it maybe, no matter how much you actually want the fantasy of becoming a successful MC might be. Get on with your life mane.

Now, let's speak on the music.

I really dig Talib Kweli's album Prisoner of Conscious. I didn't appreciate the fact that he stop it from being streamed on my Rhapsody account but judging from his overkill on Twitter this is an important album for him to break bread and I can dig it. I bought the album, which I would have done anyway, but still homie....damn.

P-Money dropped an album titled Gratitude with some really beautiful music and super tight production but his choice of rappers really fucked up what would have been easily one of the best albums of the year so far. If weak MCs don't bother you give it a shot but I am not endorsing the joint.

Shout out to Serge Sever for his EP album Boom, Bar & Bars, Vol. 1. Very solid effort from the homie and my two favorite songs are Strong Coffee and Don Draper. The rest of it is aiight but like I said this was a very good EP lets hope he can take the good stuff he learned doing this EP to his album.

Eve returned from her 13 year hiatus and hit us with her album Lip Lock. Eve might appeal to a new group of listeners and her old diehard fans but in all honesty except for her self titled song featuring Missy Elliot there is nothing here to look at her folks just keep moving along.

A couple months ago, someone I know who reads this blog who writes for a popular magazine had the audacity to give a review of what he/she called underground music and had a separate category for mainstream hip hop and all I could think of was, 'what a fucking bullshit artist this person is". Fuck that underground vs. mainstream shit. If your fucking music sucks it should not be placed on some "mainstream" pedestal as if the best of the underground couldn't touch it. On the flip side, just because someone told you that an artist is "underground" doesn't mean that you need to lessen your expectations for good music.

I had to say all that because my choice for rap album of the month is from another artist that someone will complain is too underground or that they never heard of them. Well, that's your fucking problem for being such lazy fans of hip hop. If this culture ain't in you enough to seek the very best for yourself and not wait for a radio station to spoon feed you real music the leave this genre alone and start listening to Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber. I really don't have time to explain everything for you cats. Hip Hop is grown now, time for you to grow up too.

With no further noise from me, The Best Rap Album of May 2013 is The Joys of Life & Pain by Thaione Davis produced by the dopest young dude in the b'ness Rashid Hadee. Chicago, stand the fuck up!

Check this out, before you listen to the album, listen to the last song first, Happy Survival then sit back for this hip hop ayahuasca my man is about to drop on you. That's it, I ain't got know more words for you.

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