Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Best Rap Album of April 2013 - Student of the Game by N.O. R. E.

There was a lot of very interesting hip hop music released in April.

Some of it interesting because some seasoned vets like, Styles P., N.O.R.E. Parish Smith, Ghostface and LL Cool J tossed their hats into the ring with new albums this month with varying degrees of success.

Some of it interesting because of a very clear, and well done I might add, Beatles influence in hip hop best displayed on the albums released by Homeboy Sandman and Illogic & Blockhead.

The rest interesting because of the straight garbage that passes for rap music these days. We don't call that shit hip hop around here anymore and we aren't going to mention any names. The simple fact that I don't state who they are is indication of what I thought of them.

My favorite favorite single of the month is on the Homeboy Sandman album title Kool Herc: Fertile Crescent in honor of the godfather of all hip hop music, the honorable Kool Herc. The title of the song is Moon and although there is absolutely nothing breakthrough about it I just fucking love the flow. Many of you won't dig the rest of the album but you will definitely nod your head to Moon so buy that song on iTunes or Rhapsody if nothing else. Support artists you enjoy who are trying to make a living y'all, be a patron and not a thief.

Kid Cudi released his album Indicud, my subscribers already know how I feel about the whole Kid Cudi thing so there is no reason for me to go into that again. If you are a fan then I guess you won't be disappointed. If you aren't a Kid Cudi fan, let me stamp your card so you can join the club.

Capture the Sun by Illogic & Blockhead is probably the most interesting new album this year. These cats effortlessly use hip hop as a surf board to ride the syncopation classic rock, boom bap, blues and soul. This is the smoke a bowl and lean back album of April without a doubt because the lyrics take you on a different psychedelic trip each time you here them. My favorite song on this album is Lighthouse but I'm sure you'll have your own. Capture the Sun is definitely one for your collection.

With all that being said Capture the Sun wasn't the best album released this month.

Four years and fifty pounds ago N.O.R.E. dropped his last solo album that reflected his old, slow and bloated physical stature. Well N.O.R.E. has trimmed that fat from his body and his music and came back fit with his new album Student of the Game.

Sparring no expense, N.O.R.E. has enlisted production help from Pete Rock, Pharrell and Large Professor and it clearly shows. The music is top notch as well as the production. He has several guest artists including Lil Wayne, Scarface and Raekwon but I think N.O.R.E. shines brightest on his solo tracks. You will be the judge of that. This is a very solid album that his core fans have been waiting for and should make N.O.R.E. relevant to young listeners.

There were other solid albums released this month by Tyga, Styles P., Ghostface and Homeboy Sandman I have to declare The Best Rap Album of April 2013 - Student of the Game by N.O. R. E..

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