Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Best Rap Album of March 2013 - Killmatic by The Demigodz

This was the best month of new rap albums in 2013 by far.

I found the new Lil Wayne album a bunch of bullshit, I mean every song is about him wanting someone to sit on his dick and there is nothing musically interesting at all. No wonder he had those seizures, he must have listened to this during a few minutes of sobriety.

The solid music came from the following artists that you might want to check out on iTunes before buying.

Durag Dynasty and their album 360 Waves, The Doppelgangaz album title Hark, a new artist named ANTHM and his debut album A Handful of Dust and then there is the all instrumental work from Ayatollah with his new album Avant Garde.

Now for the difficult part and why you came to my little corner of the inner webs.

I normally don't like to choose EP releases for album of the month because I don't think that it is fair comparing them to albums with 10 or more songs that the artist put so much time into creating. There was one exception for Homeboy Sandman last year because his EP was so outstanding, even better than the album he went on to release.

This month Von Pea from Tanya Morgan and Aeon released their EP called called Duly Noted. and the damn thing is truly a work of art. It is rap music where I had always hoped that it would evolve to however it is only five "songs" 6 instrumentals.

Had Duly Noted. been released in January or February I wouldn't have wasted a second and made it the clear choice for rap album of the month but there is a problem and its name is Killmatic the new album from the group The Demigodz.

Killmatic is hard edged boom bap that I have enjoyed for many years now and 9 of the 15 songs on this album are heaters and will definitely be heard in cars and jeeps all spring and into the summer. It is the best The Demigodz album to date and I will be listening to this for a long time but it isn't ground breaking.

Duly Noted. is that joint that you will listen to in your ride at night when you want to chill or when you are leaning back with a bowl of your favorite and just want to zone out but isn't the party record that Killmatic is.

What to do? Let me go and drop a deuce and think about this for a few minutes.

Ok I'm back.

The Best Rap album of March 2013 - Killmatic by The Demigodz

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Best Rap Album of February 2013 - The Psychic World of Walter Reed by Killah Priest

This post is late for a very good reason. I am tired of having to listen to so much bullshit hip hop for this website.

I know that some of you question my selections all the time but please understand that I don't take this blog lightly. I listen to every album, mixtape and EP released each month so if some of you vehemently disagree with my pick it's OK but please know that I have heard all of your favorite rappers and the reason they weren't selected is probably because they put out some bullshit that month if they released anything.

I don't like to call artists by name and shit on their projects because I was a young boy out there trying to get on back in the day and know first hand how much blood sweat and tears go into this albums. However, just because someone worked very hard doesn't mean that he or she has any talent at all or they may but simply released some garbage music. It happens to the best of them.

I am really torn by announcing this month's selection for several reasons.

The first reason being my anger at this dude releasing an album with more than 40 tracks on it. You read that right more than 40 tracks and 27 of those aren't so hot in my humble opinion. This must just be some "artistic" shit that went over my head but I found it quite annoying to sift through all the gunk to get to 15 joints that I would actually listen to again.

The second reason that gives me pause about this album is the subject matter. This dude speaks on everything from the Hermes Trismegistus, the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the Annunaki, The Emerald Tablets and back again. 98 percent of you have no idea what this stuff is and the rest of you don't care but I really dig what dude is saying about this esoteric and occult stuff. At least this was entertaining to me compared to the other crap that was released in February. 2013 ain't startin' out so hot for hip hop.

The Best Rap Album of February 2013 - The Psychic World of Walter Reed by Killah Priest