Friday, February 1, 2013

The Best Rap Album of January 2013 - Movies on Demand 4 by Consequence

I have to believe that January 2013 was the month that all record companies hauled all there garbage albums from 2012 and dumped on iTunes and Rhapsody.

This was the very worse month in three years of this blog to muddle threw all the trash which made this post so late.

I could go on for hours about what a waste of life listening to all this bull shit has been but you don't really care and no should you. I chose this assignment so I have to suck it up and handle my bitness.

A strong debut effort came from a dude named Primo with his album, Mixed Feelings, Vol. 1. It's not about to be instant classic status but it was a well done and clever and worth a quick listen.

The best new album came from and old G in the game. I haven't watched this cat on his reality show because I don't watch reality shows but from everything I heard about it he was only doing the show to promote this album.

The Best Rap Album of January 2013 belongs to Consequence with his new joint titled Movies on Demand 4.

Consequence has always been one of my favorite rappers because of his intelligent word play which also made him one of the most sought after ghost writers in the music business. Just ask Kanye West. For Movies on Demand 4, Con takes on the role of the wise old sage attempting to school the young cats on the pitfalls of the rap game but he manages to keep his sense of humor and tight flow even if the music isn't the most inspired. It's not on the same level as Movies on Demand 2 and 3 which are both classics in my opinion but for the month of January its the best there is.

Check out my Best of Consequence playlist  and you'll become a fan too.

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