Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Best Rap Album of December 2013 - Jimmy's Back by Dice Raw

Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Best Rap Album of October 2013 - No Poison No Paradise by Black Milk

The blog is a little late OK don't spaz out. It's called life people, you have one and I have one.

No BS let's get right to it.

October was an EXCELLENT month for rap music.

Off the rip there are five albums that you must own and I will list them below.

1. My Name Is My Name by Pusha T
2. G.O.Y.A. by Termanology
3. No Poison No Paradise by Black Milk
4. One for the Road by Devin the Dude

5. Sunset Blvd. by Yancey Boys

For the artists not listed, you have work to do. Having two likable joints will not get you on my list nor will I slurp artists just on name.

There were several groups that I really enjoy who sounded as if the mailed in the performances on the joints they released in October.

Trust my ear and save your bread.

Choosing the album of the month was really difficult. Three of the albums listed could have easily won so I had to boil my decision down to which album I'd listen to the most.

Black Milk is my dude and I did pick his album but to be perfectly honest with you on a good day I would have no problem saying that Pusha T's album was that shit.

Pusha T is not simply a good rapper he is a true student of the game who has no qualms bigging up the artists who came before him not necessarily by name but by channeling a taste of their flow which I really dig.

No Poison No Paradise though is an album that I see myself listening too everyday for the rest of the year and beyond.

Black Milk's long awaited album was well worth the time it took for him to put this masterpiece together. The original music, samples and crisp production takes the game to another level. There are no electronic gimmicks to get in the way of that boom bap, soul and hip hop we heads love to the core.

Black Milk never lets you down on a single joint and that is why the best rap album of October 2013 is No Poison No Paradise by Black Milk.

Monday, September 30, 2013

The Best Rap Album of September 2013 - Honest Cowboy by Stalley

I suppose I need to make a post for September don't I. I don't know if it is just me but I was really disappointed with the music released this month.

Drake's album I didn't think I'd like just because I am not a fan of R&B-Hop but his album, Nothing Was the Same, is much more boring than even I expected. True Drake fans will call me an idiot who doesn't understand his genius, of course. I don't think I ever will if this album was him taking his craft to the next level.

The biggest disappointment of the month for me was the album She Got Game from RAPSODY.

Her previous album, The Idea of Beautiful was and still is one of my favorite albums of the last five years. Her current album just doesn't do anything for me. I was not entertained. I'll try to listen to it again in a couple of months just on the strength that I life this artist but I don't think much will change.

The second most disappointing album of September 2013 to me was Self Made 3 by the Maybach Music Group.

The best thing I got out of pre-ordering this thing was the t-shirt and that's too bad because I thoroughly enjoyed Self Made 2. Maybe the hype was too much and the music just couldn't live up to it. Maybe the addition of too many other artists threw off the chemistry. I don't know. I do know that if a Self Made 4 is made I will wait to hear samples before I spend my money again.

Nelly showed his ability to stay relevant and cater to the current buying demographic of rap music with his new album M.O., I liked two songs on it and I think that it will do well. However, I have never been a Nelly fan so the chances of me naming his joint album of the month before I listened to it was slim to none and I was right.

I don't know if Rick Ross and his machine made an error in releasing Self Made 3 in the same month that one of his artists dropped their solo album but someone clearly fell asleep at the wheel of the Maybach Music Group. They screwed around and let Stalley's new album drop this month and it smoked Self Made 3 by a whole lot.

Coming off of his critically acclaimed debut album, Lincoln Way Nights, Stalley dropped his new album titled Honest Cowboys this month and it was artistically so much better than everything else released this month that I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't bump Omarion on the appearance fee list when the Maybach Music Group tours in the future.

Honest Cowboys is an "EP" and not officially an "album" but it has the most outstanding songs of anything released this month so I have to give it my nod for rap album of the month.

Stalley always keeps the guest appearances to a minimum on his songs which I dig a lot. The only rapper to join him on this EP was Scarface and it was a perfect union of talent. Stalley put the perfect drive at night soundtrack together and I am going to bang this one in my Zipcar a lot.
 Honest Cowboy - Stalley

Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Best Rap Album of August 2013 - La Vie En Bleu by MadKem

A lot of highly anticipated albums were released in August and I have to say that I was disappointed quite frankly.

The huge names that promised these amazing borderline classic albums for the most part fell way short of the mark.

Maybe it's due to everyone sharing damn near the same flow, subject matter in their songs and production that it just all blurs together and nothing really stands out from the so called stars of rap music right now.

Of the dozens of albums I heard this month only five stand out as music I would want to hear again. Let's get into it.

Jon Connor released a very solid album titled Unconscious State. Connor coming from Flint Michigan flashes that hard driving Mid West flow that is the most influential style in the rap game right now and he does it well. The question these cats must now ask themselves: is the sound becoming too derivative? I think it is but Jon Connor pulls it off well. I just don't know how long it's going to last if it doesn't get more creative.

You definitely need to check this album out. I liked it a lot.
Unconscious State - Jon Connor

Hailing from Detroit Michigan Big Sean also released his much anticipated album Hall of Fame this month.

The biggest rap controversy of the summer came from a song on this album in which Kendrick Lamar declared himself the king of New York which a lot of New York rappers didn't appreciate. To me calling other rappers out is just a part of the hip hop culture. A culture that taught young black and hispanic men to act out their aggression through music, dance, art and literature.

The noise drew a lot of attention to this very solid alum from Big Sean. It's not the masterpiece I was expecting from all the hype but he definitely doesn't let his fans down with this effort and it's worth checking out.
Hall of Fame (Deluxe) - Big Sean

I know that some of you have probably passed out because I didn't make Big Sean's album my pick for album of the month. After you have picked yourselves up from the floor please keep reading because my job isn't to co-sign what's most popular but to bring you what I truly believe to be the best rap album dropped each month. It's OK to be pleasantly surprised sometimes. Are you OK now? Good, let's continue.

You ever come across a low budget album or CD cover and chuckle because you know the music has to be some straight garbage? Well the same thing happened when I saw the cover of the album titled P.M.S. (Passion Soul Music) by Kid Called Quest and Golden. If these two young ladies are reading this I really do apologize because your bullshit graphics had me laughing me ass off.

To my surprise though this is one of the dopest albums out this year let alone by a female MC. The flow of Golden and the essence of the boom bap that I can only guess were the contribution of Kid Called Quest, lol, was refreshing and outstanding. I'll be listening to this more than Big Sean the rest of the year and I am dead serious about that. The album is no masterpiece but there are enough very good songs to not disappoint you if you happen to but it. you definitely have to check out the samples on iTunes. My favorite track is Ready For Me but get your own damn favorite.
P.M.S. (Passion, Music, Soul) - Kidd Called Quest & Golden

Keeping up with what seems to be the theme of August this next cat also comes from Detroit. I had never heard of this dude and saved this album for this evening to listen to and I really did myself and disservice because this joint is pretty darn good. The artist is Nextale Nailze and the album is The Most Incredible.

The second the first song, The Moment, began to play I knew I in for something pretty damn good. Nailze' flow is more east coast in flavor than the rapid fire stuff coming out of the mid-west right now which makes it a bit more appealing to my ear. I told you people countless times that I have an east coast bias and not ashamed to admit it.

The entire album is very heavy on soul music and I appreciate cats from Detroit leaning on their city's musical heritage and incorporating it in their expression of rap music. It would be nice to see artists from other area of the country doing the same. Why artists from the south don't lean towards that Stax sound is beyond me but the first one that does is going to be major in the game.

Nailze also manages to toss his hat in the singing of his hooks by way of auto-tune and I ain't mad at him. the entire album was well done. If you haven't picked it up by now I like it a lot and I think you will too. It's certainly worth a listen.
The Most Incredible - Nextale Nailze

Now, this month's album came from a rapper that I didn't even know was from New York City so don't try to say that I only pick albums from east coast artists because that is not true. To be perfectly honest I might be leaning more towards Nailze or Golden's albums as my favorites in the weeks to come but at this moment, the best rap album of August 2013 is La Vie En Bleu by MadKem.

With nine heavy hitters on this album MadKem simply has more good content on his album than the rest of my picks this month. My two favorite songs out in August appear on other albums but this is the best individual album of the month and that is what this blog is about. MadKem's flow is super tight, clever and it takes no prisoners. The use of hooks from old music from the 60's along with that boom bap that I like so much MadKem uses his music like a clean recently discovered antique canvas to paint his 2013 street portraits on. Well done sir. I know you'll like it too.
La Vie en Bleu - MadKem

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Best Rap Album of July 2013 - Revolution Cocktail by Reks

I normally don't really care for today's crop of southern rappers because they quite frankly are lyrically lazy and too repetitive to me. Feel free to like what you like but I need an MC to spit fire.

Bucking the trend of southern rappers though is that dude Ace Hood and on his new album Trials & Tribulations that boy is bringing the heat.

Ace Hood is not simply talking all that luxury rap like he is getting paid to rap a Nordstrom's catalog. No this dude is speaking about life, death, poverty and success as they all are currently waging battle in his life and the lives of his loved ones. This being his fourth and best album it possesses the kind of lyrics and music a fan of his is looking for and they won't be disappointed.

I particularly love his song with Anthony Hamilton. It might to adult for many of you but you have to remember that I am a grown ass man listening to this hip hop and I appreciate a great song with the reigning king of soul music, Anthony Hamilton and some dope lyrics.

This is one album you definitely would be making a mistake if you don't at least click on the link below and listen to some samples.
Trials & Tribulations (Deluxe Version) - Ace Hood

I have to laugh at all the talk I have heard about Jay Z's new album Magna Carta... Holy Grail. These fools are upset because, get this "This album ain't for the streets". Really? You think Jay Z was counting on the streets to down load one million copies on their new Galaxy phones? No? Then who the fuck do you idiots think he made the god damn album for?

I refuse to suffer stupidity anymore, just not tolerating dumb shit. If you can't live without crime tales for little more than an hour you really need to think about killing yourself.

Not only did I enjoy Magna Carta... Holy Grail I was this close to naming it the best album of the month.

I appreciate Jay Z calling out established agents and business people that his new ventures are going after instead of listening to what he'll do to someone who robs his crack spot. Is shouting about choosing Tom Ford over a molly really a bad thing? Remember who this album is really for people. Wisdom is a helluva drug.

As for the streets, most of you fools were too busy being pissed of that this album wasn't made to big up your fantasy lifestyle that you completely missed Jay waving the science of the universal flag in damn near every song. Maybe you would have learned more about the belief system that shaped him most but instead it all went completely over your heads. Sucks to be you because Magna Carta... Holy Grail is a dope album. Oh well.

Click the link below and listen for yourself.
Magna Carta... Holy Grail - JAY Z

Listen with this album, I was blown away. I mean this album had me at a loss for words for quite sometime. You will have to dismiss tracks 2 through 5, but this is a 22 track album and they will not be missed from your playlist.

I don't even know where to begin but, I don't know I just have to say that his album is a fucking classic out the gate.

Nothing that I say will convince you that this is probably the best album, not just rap, I mean the best album of all genres released this year. You only have to click on the link below and listen for yourself. If you love music you must buy this joint.

Hey, the best rap album of July 2013 is Revolution Cocktail by Reks. There is nothing else to say you just have to get it.
Revolution Cocktail - Reks

Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Best Rap Album of June 2013 - The War Within by Wrekonize

The entire planet has been hitting my blog all day waiting for this review so let's get right at it.

I now know why Wale was giving away a boat load of shit for the advanced orders of his album. It doesn't suck and his fans may like it but it's just alright. Nothing ground breaking and definitely not that must have album in my humble opinion. Check out the samples on iTunes and Amazon before you purchase.
The Gifted - Wale

Emilio Rojas dropped an album and if he spoke more about life in Washington Heights and the difficulties of being biracial this might have been a hit. He spent too much time vacillating between rapping and being an R&B singer. A little more focus and this might have been the stand out album of the month, give it a sample.
No Shame... No Regrets - Emilio Rojas

To my surprise Slum Village released another album this month and I was afraid that it was going to be another of what seems to be a long line of disappointing albums since their debut produced by J Dilla, 10 albums to be exact. To my surprise it is actually the best album since the debut, Fantastic, Vol.2 which in itself is as good as any hip hop album every made by anyone. If you haven't heard Fantastic, Vol.2 stop reading this right now and go listen. Buy it, steal it or do whatever you need to but its an experience that every human should have at least one time in his or her life. The new album isn't nearly as good as the debut album but it is solid and the second half is close to the original sound of this group that has seen many members come and go in the past 13 years. Give it a good sample.
Evolution - Slum Village

J Cole released his much anticipated album this month and I know I am going to take hit for this but to me it ain't that hot. I think the vocals just don't live up to the good music and excellent production. I'm sure every blog and magazine will nominate it for rap album of the year but it's just nothing special to me.
Born Sinner (Deluxe Version) - J Cole

Alchemist & Prodigy collaborated on an outstanding album and it was definitely in the running for best album of the month of the month until I heard the next artist but please pick it up. You will assuredly enjoy it.
Albert Einstein - Prodigy & Alchemist

I'll be perfectly honest with you I was ready to dislike this dude's album. Just something about his attitude that put me off but to be fair I have to listen to everyone's album and I was pleasantly surprised. Mac Miller is not bad and his album is pretty cool. My prejudice stems from his affiliation with Wiz Khalifa who I am no big fan of and I just assumed that it would be more of the same crap but Mac Miller actually has his own voice. His short coming is that he strays from it too much from his unique sound and attempts to go down the Lil Wayne lane and that's when he loses me. I really don't want to hear a lot of blatant imitation. Influence is understandable but he veers off a tad too much for me. So even though he had a strong album I can't name it rap album of the month. Do check out his album I am sure you will find much to enjoy.
Watching Movies With the Sound Off (Deluxe Edition) - Mac Miller

I listened to the new Statik Selektah album several times and really marveled at how this guy makes collaborations work so easily. This month's release includes Raekwon, Bun B, Nore, Talib Kweli, Smif-N-Wessun, Sean Price, Prodigy and the list goes on. And the majority of songs sound really good. So much so that I was about to wrap this blog up and name this joint the rap album of the month but I had one more album to listen to and well, it is the reason why I didn't name this the album of the month but it is a must buy for the summer of 2013 fo' sho.
Extended Play - Statik Selektah

Releasing his second album in three years MC Wrekonize dropped his new album and although there were a few tracks that I'm not feeling the vast majority of this album blew me away. I had heard of dude about ten
years ago when he was battle rapping but either he dropped off the radar or I just wasn't checking for him but either way, when I saw this new album I thought it was just another attempt but some washed up battle rapper to cash in before he or she goes riding off into the sunset. Boy was I wrong. This cat is so talented vocally that I had to listen to his background vocals and the sung hooks several times to make sure that it was him singing. The rhymes are as ferocious as ever but there is a level of maturity that makes this album one of the best I've heard all year and there you have it. The best rap album of the June 2013 is The War Within by Wrekonize. Buy it today.
The War Within (Deluxe Edition) - Wrekonize

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Yeezus or Table Scraps?!?

When Mayor Bloomberg announced this week his proposal to collect food scraps for the making of compost I think he might have gotten the idea from a download of the new Kanye West album, Yeezus.

I expected a couple of songs to be of my liking. I got One, the rest is like listening to static, no I'd rather listen to static. let me not give static a bad name.

Jim Farber gave the album three and a half stars, Farber must have bumped his head and saw three and a half stars when he wrote his review. If not Farber and West are on some bullshit.

If you hadn't noticed I'm a little disappointed in Yeezus. So much so that I felt the need to write this post so that no one will be waiting around thinking that it is even in the running for best rap album of June 2013.

See you again at the end of the month.

Friday, May 31, 2013

The Best Rap Album of May 2013 - The Joys of Life & Pain by Thaione Davis

First the Fatboys break up then James Dolan signs one of the Fatboys from the Denver Nuggets to a max contract and everybody got a problem with me.

I don't understand it, why is everyone so upset with the truth?

I don't set out to disrespect people or crap on anyone's dreams but if you suck you suck. I'm going to say it one more time. If you don't see any mention of your album or your favorite artist's album it's because I know you fools can't handle the truth.

If I spoke the truth you idiots wouldn't go back to the lab and step your games up. You'd want to get at me which wouldn't be good for either of us, trust me on that. I told a dude just the other day that if something isn't for you to simply move on and go in peace and he copped an attitude to that? I can't win but if you ask my opinion I am going to speak the truth.

I am not with that "Everybody is a winner, Everybody gets a trophy" bullshit. It is because we have created a generation of soft fools who can't handle the truth and some defeat in life every industrialized country on the planet is taking our lunch money from us and giving us wedgies.

I am not about to cater to weak children. Since I know you can't handle the criticism I rarely speak on the horrid albums I have to listen to each month and May was no exception.

Some of you niccas need to get a job and stop pretending with this hip hop for you. Your children need to see you accept the fact that there is something that you aren't good at and can move on to your true talent, whatever it maybe, no matter how much you actually want the fantasy of becoming a successful MC might be. Get on with your life mane.

Now, let's speak on the music.

I really dig Talib Kweli's album Prisoner of Conscious. I didn't appreciate the fact that he stop it from being streamed on my Rhapsody account but judging from his overkill on Twitter this is an important album for him to break bread and I can dig it. I bought the album, which I would have done anyway, but still homie....damn.

P-Money dropped an album titled Gratitude with some really beautiful music and super tight production but his choice of rappers really fucked up what would have been easily one of the best albums of the year so far. If weak MCs don't bother you give it a shot but I am not endorsing the joint.

Shout out to Serge Sever for his EP album Boom, Bar & Bars, Vol. 1. Very solid effort from the homie and my two favorite songs are Strong Coffee and Don Draper. The rest of it is aiight but like I said this was a very good EP lets hope he can take the good stuff he learned doing this EP to his album.

Eve returned from her 13 year hiatus and hit us with her album Lip Lock. Eve might appeal to a new group of listeners and her old diehard fans but in all honesty except for her self titled song featuring Missy Elliot there is nothing here to look at her folks just keep moving along.

A couple months ago, someone I know who reads this blog who writes for a popular magazine had the audacity to give a review of what he/she called underground music and had a separate category for mainstream hip hop and all I could think of was, 'what a fucking bullshit artist this person is". Fuck that underground vs. mainstream shit. If your fucking music sucks it should not be placed on some "mainstream" pedestal as if the best of the underground couldn't touch it. On the flip side, just because someone told you that an artist is "underground" doesn't mean that you need to lessen your expectations for good music.

I had to say all that because my choice for rap album of the month is from another artist that someone will complain is too underground or that they never heard of them. Well, that's your fucking problem for being such lazy fans of hip hop. If this culture ain't in you enough to seek the very best for yourself and not wait for a radio station to spoon feed you real music the leave this genre alone and start listening to Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber. I really don't have time to explain everything for you cats. Hip Hop is grown now, time for you to grow up too.

With no further noise from me, The Best Rap Album of May 2013 is The Joys of Life & Pain by Thaione Davis produced by the dopest young dude in the b'ness Rashid Hadee. Chicago, stand the fuck up!

Check this out, before you listen to the album, listen to the last song first, Happy Survival then sit back for this hip hop ayahuasca my man is about to drop on you. That's it, I ain't got know more words for you.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Best Rap Album of April 2013 - Student of the Game by N.O. R. E.

There was a lot of very interesting hip hop music released in April.

Some of it interesting because some seasoned vets like, Styles P., N.O.R.E. Parish Smith, Ghostface and LL Cool J tossed their hats into the ring with new albums this month with varying degrees of success.

Some of it interesting because of a very clear, and well done I might add, Beatles influence in hip hop best displayed on the albums released by Homeboy Sandman and Illogic & Blockhead.

The rest interesting because of the straight garbage that passes for rap music these days. We don't call that shit hip hop around here anymore and we aren't going to mention any names. The simple fact that I don't state who they are is indication of what I thought of them.

My favorite favorite single of the month is on the Homeboy Sandman album title Kool Herc: Fertile Crescent in honor of the godfather of all hip hop music, the honorable Kool Herc. The title of the song is Moon and although there is absolutely nothing breakthrough about it I just fucking love the flow. Many of you won't dig the rest of the album but you will definitely nod your head to Moon so buy that song on iTunes or Rhapsody if nothing else. Support artists you enjoy who are trying to make a living y'all, be a patron and not a thief.

Kid Cudi released his album Indicud, my subscribers already know how I feel about the whole Kid Cudi thing so there is no reason for me to go into that again. If you are a fan then I guess you won't be disappointed. If you aren't a Kid Cudi fan, let me stamp your card so you can join the club.

Capture the Sun by Illogic & Blockhead is probably the most interesting new album this year. These cats effortlessly use hip hop as a surf board to ride the syncopation classic rock, boom bap, blues and soul. This is the smoke a bowl and lean back album of April without a doubt because the lyrics take you on a different psychedelic trip each time you here them. My favorite song on this album is Lighthouse but I'm sure you'll have your own. Capture the Sun is definitely one for your collection.

With all that being said Capture the Sun wasn't the best album released this month.

Four years and fifty pounds ago N.O.R.E. dropped his last solo album that reflected his old, slow and bloated physical stature. Well N.O.R.E. has trimmed that fat from his body and his music and came back fit with his new album Student of the Game.

Sparring no expense, N.O.R.E. has enlisted production help from Pete Rock, Pharrell and Large Professor and it clearly shows. The music is top notch as well as the production. He has several guest artists including Lil Wayne, Scarface and Raekwon but I think N.O.R.E. shines brightest on his solo tracks. You will be the judge of that. This is a very solid album that his core fans have been waiting for and should make N.O.R.E. relevant to young listeners.

There were other solid albums released this month by Tyga, Styles P., Ghostface and Homeboy Sandman I have to declare The Best Rap Album of April 2013 - Student of the Game by N.O. R. E..

If you like a good laugh and to hear different perspectives on current events check out my man Mr. No Good on his website and listen to his latest podcast. www.mrnogood.com 

Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Best Rap Album of March 2013 - Killmatic by The Demigodz

This was the best month of new rap albums in 2013 by far.

I found the new Lil Wayne album a bunch of bullshit, I mean every song is about him wanting someone to sit on his dick and there is nothing musically interesting at all. No wonder he had those seizures, he must have listened to this during a few minutes of sobriety.

The solid music came from the following artists that you might want to check out on iTunes before buying.

Durag Dynasty and their album 360 Waves, The Doppelgangaz album title Hark, a new artist named ANTHM and his debut album A Handful of Dust and then there is the all instrumental work from Ayatollah with his new album Avant Garde.

Now for the difficult part and why you came to my little corner of the inner webs.

I normally don't like to choose EP releases for album of the month because I don't think that it is fair comparing them to albums with 10 or more songs that the artist put so much time into creating. There was one exception for Homeboy Sandman last year because his EP was so outstanding, even better than the album he went on to release.

This month Von Pea from Tanya Morgan and Aeon released their EP called called Duly Noted. and the damn thing is truly a work of art. It is rap music where I had always hoped that it would evolve to however it is only five "songs" 6 instrumentals.

Had Duly Noted. been released in January or February I wouldn't have wasted a second and made it the clear choice for rap album of the month but there is a problem and its name is Killmatic the new album from the group The Demigodz.

Killmatic is hard edged boom bap that I have enjoyed for many years now and 9 of the 15 songs on this album are heaters and will definitely be heard in cars and jeeps all spring and into the summer. It is the best The Demigodz album to date and I will be listening to this for a long time but it isn't ground breaking.

Duly Noted. is that joint that you will listen to in your ride at night when you want to chill or when you are leaning back with a bowl of your favorite and just want to zone out but isn't the party record that Killmatic is.

What to do? Let me go and drop a deuce and think about this for a few minutes.

Ok I'm back.

The Best Rap album of March 2013 - Killmatic by The Demigodz

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Best Rap Album of February 2013 - The Psychic World of Walter Reed by Killah Priest

This post is late for a very good reason. I am tired of having to listen to so much bullshit hip hop for this website.

I know that some of you question my selections all the time but please understand that I don't take this blog lightly. I listen to every album, mixtape and EP released each month so if some of you vehemently disagree with my pick it's OK but please know that I have heard all of your favorite rappers and the reason they weren't selected is probably because they put out some bullshit that month if they released anything.

I don't like to call artists by name and shit on their projects because I was a young boy out there trying to get on back in the day and know first hand how much blood sweat and tears go into this albums. However, just because someone worked very hard doesn't mean that he or she has any talent at all or they may but simply released some garbage music. It happens to the best of them.

I am really torn by announcing this month's selection for several reasons.

The first reason being my anger at this dude releasing an album with more than 40 tracks on it. You read that right more than 40 tracks and 27 of those aren't so hot in my humble opinion. This must just be some "artistic" shit that went over my head but I found it quite annoying to sift through all the gunk to get to 15 joints that I would actually listen to again.

The second reason that gives me pause about this album is the subject matter. This dude speaks on everything from the Hermes Trismegistus, the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the Annunaki, The Emerald Tablets and back again. 98 percent of you have no idea what this stuff is and the rest of you don't care but I really dig what dude is saying about this esoteric and occult stuff. At least this was entertaining to me compared to the other crap that was released in February. 2013 ain't startin' out so hot for hip hop.

The Best Rap Album of February 2013 - The Psychic World of Walter Reed by Killah Priest

Friday, February 1, 2013

The Best Rap Album of January 2013 - Movies on Demand 4 by Consequence

I have to believe that January 2013 was the month that all record companies hauled all there garbage albums from 2012 and dumped on iTunes and Rhapsody.

This was the very worse month in three years of this blog to muddle threw all the trash which made this post so late.

I could go on for hours about what a waste of life listening to all this bull shit has been but you don't really care and no should you. I chose this assignment so I have to suck it up and handle my bitness.

A strong debut effort came from a dude named Primo with his album, Mixed Feelings, Vol. 1. It's not about to be instant classic status but it was a well done and clever and worth a quick listen.

The best new album came from and old G in the game. I haven't watched this cat on his reality show because I don't watch reality shows but from everything I heard about it he was only doing the show to promote this album.

The Best Rap Album of January 2013 belongs to Consequence with his new joint titled Movies on Demand 4.

Consequence has always been one of my favorite rappers because of his intelligent word play which also made him one of the most sought after ghost writers in the music business. Just ask Kanye West. For Movies on Demand 4, Con takes on the role of the wise old sage attempting to school the young cats on the pitfalls of the rap game but he manages to keep his sense of humor and tight flow even if the music isn't the most inspired. It's not on the same level as Movies on Demand 2 and 3 which are both classics in my opinion but for the month of January its the best there is.

Check out my Best of Consequence playlist  and you'll become a fan too.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

2012 Rap Album of the Year

Instead of going into a bunch of boring details on every album I am going to list my favorite albums of the year you need to add to your playlist. At the end I'll tell you what I believe is the rap album of the year.

Best Rap Albums of 2012

THR3E by Theory Hazit
Careless World:Rise of the Last King by Tyga
Chimera by Homeboy Sandman
Gigantic. Vol. 1 by Small Professor
Black Belt Theater by Planet Asia
Self Sacrifice by Mellow Music Group
Self Made, Vol. 2 by Maybach Music Group
Until Next Time We Meet by Tope
The Sound of Low Class Amerika by I Self Divine
Slangin Nouns by Melodious Monk
God Forgives, I Don't by Rick Ross
Life Is Good by Nas
Vintage by Timothy Rhyme and Phil the Pain
A Dream Deferred by Skyzoo
Makin' Dollas by Dtmd
Dreams and Nightmares by Meek Mill
Good Music Cruel Summer by Kanye West
Wu-Block by Wu-Block
GMB by Pac Div
Reloaded by Roc Marciano
Dice Game by Guilty Simpson
The Greatest Story Never Told by Saigon
Fizzyology by Lil Fame & Terminology
Theo VS J.J by Skyzoo
Good Kid, M.A.A.D City by Kendrick Lamar
Styles of Beyond by Reseda Beach
O.N.F.I.C. by Wiz Khalifa

2012 Rap Album of the Year
A Dream Deferred by Skyzoo

Best Rap Songs of 2012

Pretty Sickness by I Self Devine
What Am I by The Doppelgangaz
Kings & Queens by Tyga
Range Rover Rhythm by Skyzoo
95 Live by Dtmd
Driving Round by Wu-Block
Shorty Left by 9th Wonder & Buckshot
Real by Kendrick Lamar
Black Magic by Meek Mill
The Black Bond by Nas