Friday, November 30, 2012

The Best Rap Album of November 2012 - Wu-Block by Wu-Block

Sorry for being late with the November post, I had a lot of music to go through and the holidays to deal with but let's get into this thang right now.

I am not going to list every album that was released in November, that's not what I do. There are plenty of websites that you can get that info from. 

The reason you are here and the reason why I write this blog is because I am a hip hop old head and you appreciate my honesty and style. I don't disrespect any "artist" trying to live their dreams but I won't lie for anyone either.

If you don't see me mention an artist it's not because I haven't listened to their album, its because I prolly think it was a poor effort but refuse to add to the negativity.

I stated all of that because a lot of major artists released albums in November and many of you will be surprised that your favorite isn't mentioned. Well, now you know why they weren't made note of on this blog but trust and believe I heard their music.

A very close second this month is from a relatively new artist, this being his second full album Roc Marciano dropped the album Reloaded. Not to be confused the Nikki Minaj's Roman Reloaded this album is actually pretty good.

With the help of some pretty dope producers such as Q-Tip, Ray West, The Arch Druids and Alchemist, Roc Marciano was not afraid to ride his East Coast flow over some very experimental tracks while staying true the boom bap. I really appreciate skilled lyricists who go out of their comfort zone and take bold chances.

There are no ground breaking themes and subjects however the music chosen for his rhymes do paint a surreal background upon which the stories play out in the mind's eye giving a new interpretation to what would have been very common urban tales.

Check out Reloaded by Roc Marciano and see for yourself.

This month's winner is the Wu Tang Clan but not really the Wu Tang Clan. I'll explain.

Wu-Block by Wu-Block, which is an amalgamation of D-Block and the Wu Tang Clan is the best album of November and in my opinion the best Wu Tang album in about a decade.

Ghostface Killah and Sheek Louch are the featured artists and they are at their best but members of both camps lend their talents to this joint making a very enjoyable album from start to finish.

Since Rza is off doing his thing making movies and soundtracks hopefully the other members of the group will now see that they have the formula for more outstanding albums instead of waiting around for this cat to make another half weak album. But I digress.

The Best Rap Album of 2012 November - Wu-Block by Wu-Block

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