Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Best Rap Album of May 2012 - The Sound Of Low Class Amerika by I Self Devine

May was a very...interesting month in rap music.

We ad lots of techno and trip hop stuff labeled incorrectly which only makes my life a bit more difficult but please don't shed any tears.

The most disturbing thing about rap music this month was hearing some amazingly produced albums not getting a favorable review by me all because the emcee just didn't have the skills to pull of what was other wise a great effort.

However, I can admit to being super critical about my rap music so you may want to give a listen to the following artists and their albums and judge for yourselves.

The Close but no cigar list.

Amiri Vinyl Ritchie
Sene Brooklyknight
Glory Celebration
Infinito 2017  Conquest of the War: Volume 2

The runner up to my selection of best album this month is Melodious Monk with his new album Slangin Nouns. I think this is his third and it's pretty tight. Good production and solid professional lyrics.

My choice for best album of the month is no pretty swan. It's a little hard on the ears and no one is dressed in tight shirts or made up like Bratz dolls on the album cover or in the videos.

No, this album hearkens back to the time when rap music really was the CNN of the streets. where middle America could take a peak into urban America and marvel yet be repulsed at the same time.

This album is about life, death, power, politics and the mentally enslaved denizens of the city who pretend to have theirs lives together.

This is street truth and it doesn't care if you like it or not which is why I love it.

The Best Rap Album of May 2012 - The Sound Of Low Class Amerika by I Self Devine

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