Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Best Rap Album of December 2011 - Presents...David Thompson by Kooley High

This dude Mistah Fab has to be the hardest working man in the rap game. What's so cool about this dude is you see the improvement of his skills and production with each effort which includes two albums this year and several mixtapes.

Not content with following the trend of very lazy rhymes and copycat beats of his peers Mistah Fab actual takes chances because of his ear and innate creativity. I am sure he wants lots of downloads and cd sales but he doesn't seem willing to sacrifice his voice and sound to make a knockoff Drake, Lil Wayne or Rick Ross album and I for one appreciate that.

Mistah Fab, I love you my ninja but I can't give you the pick for rap album of December with your new joint I Found My Backpack 2. Extra special shout out to Boog Brown and her outstanding album The Brown Study Remixes. Amazing work my love big things to you in 2012.

The Best Rap Album of December 2011 is Presents...David Thompson by the group Kooley High.

2011 was the year that North Carolina pulled down its pants and showed its ass in this hip hop game. Rapper Big Pooh dropped two albums, Fat Boy Fresh Vol.1 and Dirty Pretty Things, both of which are destined to be classics, Phonte made noise with the excellent Charity Starts At Home and for December the rap group Kooley High Released the brilliant new album titled Presents...David Thompson. Which prolly should be titled, Kooley High Presents...David Thompson but I can only go by how it is labeled by the major distributors and you should search by bold title to make it easy to find. And you must get this album.

Kooley High is comprised of six members all of whom met on the campus of North Carolina State University some of whom are from NC and others NYC. Presents...David Thompson is their second album released this year also and in my opinion better than Eastern Standard Time which was released in March of this year but check it out for yourself.

Staying with the roots of rap music, R&B and Soul music respectively, Kooley High did an amazing job of giving post pubescent hip hop listeners exactly what had been missing from rap music for about a decade except for a scattered few artists who actually love the sound and stay true to the melodies and boom bap that make your head nod. Presents...David Thompson takes its rightful place in a long line of real hip hop albums we can all enjoy and be proud of and what a great way to end 2011. Thank you Kooley High, much respect.

Other Outstanding Albums in December 2011 
**** Special Shout out to Boog Brown and her album The Brown Study Remixes****
Mistah Fab  I Found My Backpack 2 
Futuristic The Fly Trap 
Brand Nu Leather & Kush 

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