Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Best Rap Album of November 2011 - Lincoln Way Nights by Stalley

I know this month's posting is a couple days late, sorry. But between my job and life I had other things to do. You'll be okay.

This month saw second albums released this year by Rapper Big Pooh and Jae Millz, very interesting stuff from Europe and Brazil as well as some very lazy beats and rhymes from southern artists but I'll get right down to it.

Finishing just ahead of Rapper Big Pooh's new album Dirty Pretty Things this month's selection for the Best Rap album of November 2011 goes to the rapper Stalley for his work titled Lincoln Way Nights.

Refusing to be pigeonholed into a very narrow sub-genre Stalley incorporates influences from both coasts, down south and classic soul music all while sharing his very personal feelings and problems. It is the real artist that goes beyond his fears and allows us a glimpse into his insecurities, weaknesses and family issues as they are usually the real inspiration for great works and it shows here. This is one of the most musically creative and lyrically believable albums of 2011.

Other standout albums this month were:  
The Rose Tint Deluxe by David Dallas
For the Record by Torae
Take Care by Drake
 Potent Music by Jae Millz.

They will all make good stocking stuffers so cop'em.

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