Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Best Rap Album of May 2011 - HeartBeat by Pennjamin Bannekar

My initial choice for the rap album of May 2011 was a bit controversial with some friends. They thought I was crazy for even thinking about naming Tyler, the Creator's album Goblin but I found his lyrics very entertaining and unique. However, a late entry into the race came out of nowhere and won by a nose.

Tinnie Tempah's album Disc-Overy was awful to me. I thought that JadaKiss's album I LOVE YOU, Killer Mike's album Pl3dge and Still On The Hustle by Neek the Exotic and Large Professor crushed that garbage. People, please don't believe the hype.

The album that won was dropped by a dude that I have to say in all honesty, I'd never heard of before and almost decided not to bother listening to it. But if I am going to do this blog each month and be honest I have to put in the work and listen to everything which brings me to another point.

Just because I didn't mention a release doesn't mean I didn't hear it. Everything that was released on iTunes or Rhapsody I heard and if your stuff isn't on one of these digital services then that's on the artist and his or her company. I have a job and bills to pay I am not about to runaround chasing down every loose mix tape and 12”. Just not doin' it.

From a hot new artist coming out of Chicago, Illinois I present to you The Best Hip-Hop Album of May 2011- heartbeat by Pennjamin Bannekar.

Although this cats style is nothing like Common who is also from Chi-town there is a respect and appreciation for soul music that is shared by these cats which is so appreciated in this current age of not so clever synthesized beats and out of tune hooks.

The dopest song on the album in my opinion is Illwrite. The chord progressions of the horns chosen as the central tone work perfectly to create a modern day “player” feel as his lyrics performs the obligatory brags and boasts but at the same time subtly crushes all the foolish Illuminati slick talk being bandied about regarding successful rap artists.

There are a couple of misses on the album like Counterfeit and Worlds Apart but the songs that do work are outstanding and are sure to be heard bouncing in the cars and jeeps this summer.

The Best Hip-Hop Album of May 2011 – HeartBeat by Pennjamin Bannekar, for real.

 *******Honorable mention goes to Square Off and their great album Moet Money and Memories*******

HeartBeat: 3 stars
Is It Too Late: 4 stars
Show Business: 4 stars
Counterfeit: 2 stars
Illwrite: 5 stars
Keep Goin On: 4 stars
Worlds Apart: 2 stars
Point Em Out: 4 stars
Fast Cars: 4 stars
Go: 4 stars
Lights Go Off: 3 stars
Acceptance Speech: 3 stars

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