Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Best Rap Album of April 2011 - Fat Boy Fresh Vol.1 by Rapper Big Pooh

This month Rapper Big Pooh released what is actually his third solo album and has really found his sound and does it big for what I chose as the best album of the month.

The Best Hip-Hop Album of April 2011 is Fat Boy Fresh Vol.1 by Big Pooh.

With a tremendous ear for beats and a clear love for old hip-hop Big Pooh does an amazing job producing a simple yet driving sound that stays true the genre without electronic gimmicks, out of tune hipster sung hooks and odes to tight jeans wearing punks looking for something cool to play while doing tricks on their skateboards. This is straight grown man hip-hop, like or hate it. I love it and can't get enough of it.

Big Pooh really made a daring move by only putting out a 42 minute 12 song album. Three or four bad songs could have really put an end to his career but the cat comes through like a champ and bangs from start to finish.

The song that I only give three stars out of five is titled Access and although its not a bad song it just seems to over produced and created to appeal to the popular southern sound as if he's looking for a hit instead of maintaining his integrity as an artist. Easy for me to say since it isn't my responsibility to sell his album but I have to be honest. Maybe it'll grow on me but it prolly won't. The rest of the songs are far and away the best hip-hop released in April.

Fat Boy Fresh Vol.1 by Rapper Big Pooh, get it today and take pleasure in people stopping to ask you “Who dat is?!?” when you bang it in your trunk.

Fat Boy Fresh Vol.1

Zone Out: 5 stars
Get It In: 4 stars
State of the Union: 4 stars
Special: 4 stars
HVAC: 4 stars
Fortune & Fame: 4 stars
Wooden Wall Silverware: 4 stars
Let It Be: 5 stars
I'm the Man: 4 stars
Freebasin': 5 stars
Access: 3 stars
RapperPooh-a-lude: 5 stars

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