Monday, January 31, 2011

The Best Rap Album of January 2011 - Gutter Rainbows by Talib Kweli

After blessing the planet with what was in my humble opinion the best Hip Hop song of the year, “In the Red” on the second album Reflection Eternal ( Reflection Eternal being the group comprised of super producer Hi-Tek and Talib Kweli.) album Talib begins 2011 were he left off with the release of his solo album “Gutter Rainbows”.
The first part of this album sounds as if the producers were channeling Willie Hutch and on the deepest, dopest Foxy Brown type shit and it worked immediately to reflect the fact the Talib is a very soulful cat on some serious grown man b'ness with this joint and it was appreciated. Especially in this age of Barbie Doll figures and fake gangsters posing for rap artists, to hear someone who appreciates the music take it back to the soul of this genre so early in 2011 was refreshing to say the least.

It's not a complete love fest, there are about three songs that I don't really care for but ain't that what play lists are for?

The song I like the least is “Uh Oh” featuring Jean Grae. Since I really can't take Jean Grae's voice the song missed for me instantly but you may like it so give it a shot. “Tater Tot” and “Wait For You” aren't necessarily bad I'm just not feeling them. Maybe some time this year I'll revisit the entire album with a Zig Zag and some Cognac and give those tracks another shot. Right now I updated my Talib Kweli play list with everything I rated four stars and up as seen below.

With eleven bangers out of fourteen tracks I have to give this album a solid A and name it the Best Hip Hop Album of January 2011.

Honorable mention goes to the album “I Found My Backpack” by Mistah Fab. Bay area cats I feel the most of west coast artists so I am partial to his flow and sound.

Check on this blog at the end of each month to peep my selection for Hip Hop album of the month and feel free to leave your comments but remember it's just my list I don't have the final word on taste nor am not the Grand Puba of Hip Hop....yet.

It is time for Hip Hop music lovers to grow up and vote for music we like with our dollars and not just head nods.

Gutter Rainbows

After the Rainbow: 4 stars
Gutter Rainbows: 5 stars
So Low: 4 stars
Palookas: 4 stars
Mr. International: 4 stars
I'm On One: 5 stars
Wait For You: 3 stars
Ain't Waiting: 5 stars
Cold Rain: 4 stars
Friends and Family: 4 stars
Tater Tot: 3 stars
How You Love Me: 5 stars
Uh Oh: 3 stars
Self Savior: 4 stars

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